Founded by Philadelphia-area animal welfare educator and advocate Gigi Glendinning, 22reasons is a non-profit entity which produces humane education programs for schools, community centers and other venues, and generates revenue and funding for accredited animal sanctuaries.

The culmination of more than two decades of devotion to animal welfare, 22reasons is the result of Gigi’s unique vision, passion and desire to help vulnerable animals.

Why “22 reasons?"  In Gigi’s words…

“The number 22 shows up daily in my life and it has for years. I can’t explain why I notice it or why it seems to appear and reappear, but it does…every time I look at a clock, every time there is an athlete wearing a jersey on the news.  More profoundly, “22” has turned up during significant moments that have changed the course of my life.

One of those moments was when I happened upon 44 rabbits crammed in filthy, dark, dank hutches in a tiny backyard.  The place was a mess with months of waste piled high, rabbits crowding each other, crummy pellets for food and empty water bowls. Despite their dismal living conditions, most were in good spirits and I quickly fell in LOVE!

These rabbits were destined for an animal auction in Lancaster, PA. Transported in cardboard boxes in the back of a flatbed truck, they would be sold for food or purchased for resale in a pet store. After 3 hours of nasty cleaning with my true friend, Betsy, I expressed my concerns to the owner. I was able to convince him to give me half of his group…

22 rabbits came home with me the next day.

This rabbit rescue changed my life. These irresistible creatures were adopted into loving homes and many remained with me in my barnyard sanctuary for years. I felt great reward watching them hop around, bounding with joy and freedom. For the 22 that were rescued AND for the 22 I had to leave behind, I hope to educate and inspire others to take action when they see animal abuse.”


22 reasons to care.

22 reasons to do something.

22 reasons to keep talking about it!


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