Gigi Glendinning

Gigi Glendinning grew up in a family that embraced nature, and encouraged a love of the outdoors. Her parents always welcomed animals into their home, and helped animals in need. It was a common occurrence to aid baby birds that had fallen from their nest, their dogs were allowed on the furniture and the classroom pet was a frequent addition over the holidays. The family took vacations in locations surrounded by wild animals and binoculars were always on hand.

For Gigi’s 8th birthday, her father adopted a little black puppy – Heidi – from the local shelter and it was all over - Gigi’s love for animals had officially begun! Over the years she has had numerous dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.

Her father was always opposed to seeing animals in the zoo and especially birds in cages. His perspective impressed Gigi greatly, and in school she wrote all of her book reports about animals. Being Jane Goodall was a longstanding dream.

Her mother always encouraged creative endeavors and travel, and for certain, Gigi inherited her mother's organizational skills - attributes that have come in handy and helped her succeed at being self-employed.

After college, Gigi moved to Seattle where she became a licensed massage therapist, which, not surprisingly, started because of an animal.

“I adopted a dog named Clarabelle, who had been terribly abused,” she explains. “She hid in the corner and was afraid of everyone. A dog trainer encouraged me to massage the tension out of her body, that it would help her relax and feel safe with me. I did that on a regular basis and it made the world of difference and inspired me to go to school to learn the trade”.

Gigi and 22 Reasons - Animal Welfare in Action

Locally, Gigi has devoted countless hours helping stray cats with “Kitty Adoption Team” in Blue Bell, PA. She joined the outreach efforts in front of the Philadelphia zoo, with “Help Philly Zoo Elephants,” a group determined to educate the public about the International Conservation Center, in Pittsburgh, where two of the elephants were initially re-located. Most recently, Gigi has been actively campaigning to ban traveling animal circuses from stopping in Whitemarsh Township and Philadelphia.

Not so locally, Gigi has volunteered with the following groups…

Gigi, a long term vegan, built 22reasons from her desire to make a difference.

“We have options as a society to solve these problems. We do not need to exploit wild animals for entertainment or education, and we certainly do not need to tolerate inhumane treatment of ANY animal. We can make a difference, and watching first-hand how young people grow in our humane education programs consistently reinforces that the mission of 22reasons is right on target.”


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