Humane Education

22reasons offers year-long programs as well as one time seminars and assemblies; presented with the intent of educating and engaging the audience in critical thinking about the welfare and humane treatment of animals.

Please note that we are ready and willing to further our educational message by helping students design solutions to animal welfare issues. We are grateful for fundraising efforts which benefit 22reasons’ and/or fundraising for the animals rescued by the groups we represent.

Here are the animal stories we share:

Rescued Lions: Animals in Travelling Circuses

Orangutans: How Conscious Consumerism Can Save the Red Ape

Gromek's Story: Lessons on Chimpanzees in Captivity
Lolita’s Story: Lessons on Orca Whales in Captivity

Dulary’s Story: Lessons on Elephants in Captivity

Katrina Animal Rescue: How Helping Animals Helps People

To defray our expenses, a donation is suggested according to the size of the audience and the duration of our involvement with your students. Scholarships are available.

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