Dulary's Story:  Lessons on Elephants in Captivity

© Reproduced with Permission from Elephants Sanctuary


Gigi begins this presentation by discussing elephants; explaining where they live, how they choose to go about their day, and explaining their strong family bond. Then she introduces Dulary, an Asian elephant who was captured in the wild when she was 6 months old, transported to the US, and kept on display at the Philadelphia Zoo for 42 years. In 2007, Dulary was moved to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee where she will live for the rest of her life.

Dulary’s experience is typical for many elephants living in captivity, in showing her life we promote critical thinking about the practice of keeping animals confined for our entertainment.

This seminar is a 45 minute PowerPoint slideshow, including a 12 minute video of Dulary at The Elephant Sanctuary. Gigi will share her experiences travelling to Africa, volunteering at The Elephant Sanctuary, and she will speak of her visit to the Performing Animal Welfare Society’s sanctuary in California.

Presentation Summary

Grades – 1 through 8
Time – 45 minutes
Audience – classroom or large school assembly
Media – PowerPoint and 12 minute DVD
Action – option to mail postcard on behalf of Kallie and Bette (two Philadelphia zoo elephants)
Giveaway – bookmarks and pencils


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