Orangutans: How Conscious Consumerism Can Save the Red Ape

Gigi begins this presentation with a 3 minute video of adorable rescued orangutans. Then she continues the 30 – 40 minute PowerPoint slideshow, making alarming connections between products containing palm oil and the demise of the rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia. The ever expanding palm oil plantations are encroaching on critical orangutan habitat and rapidly leading the species toward extinction.

Learn how one woman, Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas, has managed to save hundreds of orphaned orangutans and successfully release them back into the wild. Gigi spent two weeks at Dr. Galdikas’s orphanage in Borneo and she is eager to share her experiences with the Great Red Apes.

Gigi believes in the power of the consumer and is determined to raise awareness about the problems with palm oil so we have a chance at saving orangutans and their remaining habitat.

Presentation Summary

Grades – 1 through 12
Time – 30+ minutes
Audience – classroom or large group
Media – PowerPoint Slideshow
Activity prior to presentation – students search for palm oil in products found in their homes
Action – option to mail postcard on behalf of the orangutans
Give away – bookmarks and pencils

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