Gromek's Story: Lessons on Chimpanzees in Captivity

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Gigi begins this presentation by discussing chimpanzees; explaining where they live, how they choose to go about their day, and that they have 98% of the same DNA as humans. Then she will introduce Gromek, a chimp who was captured in Africa when he was a baby and use in the US Air Force’s NASA space program. After years of service Gromek was moved to Coulston Laboratory in New Mexico – a grim bio medical research facility - until he was rescued and retired to Save the Chimps sanctuary in Fort Pierce, FL.

A 9 minute video will serve to summarize the history of exploitation that chimpanzees have endured and introduce the audience to Dr. Carole Noon – a woman who went to great lengths to rescue the US Air Force chimps and create the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the world – ‘Save the Chimps’ in Fort Pierce, FL. After the video, Gigi will continue the PowerPoint slide show, introducing more of the chimps living at the sanctuary and discussing the use of chimpanzees in entertainment.

This seminar is a 45 minute PowerPoint slideshow, including the 9 minute video described above. Gigi adores primates and has volunteered at ‘Save the Chimps’ sanctuary and at the ‘Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute’ in Ellensburg, WA. She is passionate about educating people of the plight of chimps in captivity and intends to promote the critical thinking necessary to end the use of chimps in entertainment.


Presentation Summary

Grades – 5 through 12
Time – 45 minutes
Audience – classroom or large group
Media – PowerPoint and 8 minute DVD
Action – option to mail postcard on behalf of chimpanzees living in laboratories
Giveaway – bookmarks and pencils

*Caution:  content and photos may be difficult for some children to view.

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