Rescued Lions: Animals in Travelling Circuses

In 2009, after a four year undercover investigation led by Animal Defenders International (ADI), along with unrelenting pressure on government officials, Bolivia became the first country in South America to ban the use of wild and domestic animals in traveling circuses. ADI enforced the ban and seized animals from eight different circuses – the first time a full ban and grand-scale evacuation has taken place anywhere in the world.

Gigi will tell the story of 29 lions rescued by ADI. She will speak of their life as circus performers, recount ADI’s dramatic rescue, and show photographs and videos of the lions embracing their new found freedom at the two different sanctuaries where they are now living – Wild Animal Sanctuary in Hudson, CO and Performing Animal Welfare Society in Galt, CA.

Presentation Summary

Grades – 5 through 12
Time – 30+ minutes
Audience – classroom or large group
Media – PowerPoint Slideshow
Action –Students collaborate and design an animal-free circus, deciding how they would like family entertainment to evolve and sharing their ideas with the school community. The student’s concepts will be used to inspire a local ban on traveling animal circuses.
Give away – bookmarks and pencils

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