Need community service hours? Love animals? Then this is the place for you!

Meet with Gigi, one on one – in person or via telephone and email, to learn the story of an individual animal, then design and implement an effective way to raise awareness on behalf of that animal — as well as the underlying animal welfare issue.

Project ideas are left to the imagination of the student, with possibilities such as; creating educational flyers and posters, collecting “wish list” items for the animal’s rescue group, making a video to share with family and friends, or inviting 22reasons to share the story of your chosen animal, at your school – coming up with an idea is the fun part, there are all sorts of creative ways to broadcast your message!

Choose from the following animals:

LOLITA – an orca captured off the coast of Washington state for display at the Miami Seaquarium

WINTER – a dolphin rescued and put on display at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

CAMPEON – a lion used as a circus performer in Bolivia; rescued with 24 other lions, all of which are now retired to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado

DULARY – an elephant captured in Asia for display at the Philadelphia zoo, now retired at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

GROMEK – a chimpanzee captured in Africa for use in the US Air Force’s space program, now retired to Save the Chimps sanctuary in Florida

MASON – a baby orangutan; orphaned in Borneo, Indonesia because of habitat loss due to expansive palm oil plantations, rescued and being rehabilitated for release by Orangutan Foundation International

BARNEY – a green amazon bird kept as a house pet, one of many victims of the pet store trading market Volunteers may contact Gigi to make a plan of action!

Volunteers may contact Gigi to make a plan of action!


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