“I was very impressed with the presentation because it was perfect for our middle school audience. First, Gigi sincerely demonstrated how an individual can take a focus of deep care and compassion and ‘live it out’ through conscious choices and involvement. Secondly, our students enthusiastically responded to her openness to their questions, her gentle spirit, and her genuine hope in their capacity to make things better. I look forward to having her come back.”

Ken Rogers

Head of Middle School

Germantown Academy

“Gigi has devoted much of her life to sharing her knowledge and love for life's beautiful creatures with children of all ages. Her undeniable sincerity and compassion speak to their hearts and inspire their minds. As Director of Communications for Save the Chimps, the world's largest sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees, as well as a mother of two, I am grateful for all that Gigi does to help make this world a better place.

Triana Romero

Director of Communications

Save the Chimps


"With the support of 22reasons, Save the Chimps has been fortunate to reach an audience who otherwise, would not know of the plight of chimpanzees. Sharing our chimps’ stories, sheds much needed light on the captive population, the current rescue efforts, and the extensive care provided by STC for hundreds of dear, deserving individuals."

Monica Naranjo

Development Manager

Save the Chimps

"We love Gigi Glendinning!! Every year she comes to our school to talk about different animals and how we can help save them and free them from captivity. This year she talked to us about circus lions, tigers, and ligers. Ligers: A mix of a tiger and a lion. Last year she talked to us about a whale named Lolita who is stuck in the Miami Seaquarium. Lolita is waiting for court case results which hopefully will help her. Last year Gigi also talked to us about freeing orangutans that people kept as pets. She told us a story about when she saved a chained monkey too, it was really cool. Gigi makes learning about these animals really fun and the progress she is making to save these animals is amazing. We recommend she come to your school too; so you can learn about these amazing species and her experiences helping them."


Elizabeth (age 11) and Walker (age 12)

Germantown Academy

"My students learn so much about the importance of kindness and respect for animals from Gigi every time she visits our school and does one of her presentations. Her activities and displays further emphasize things that we can do to make the world a better place for other sentient beings. She leaves us with pencils and bookmarks that make it impossible for our students to forget her positive message. All of this is done in a way that is positive and works with our school curriculum. A big thank you Gigi, from all of us a G.W.Childs School!!!"

Maria Pandolfi

Dean of Students/Art Teacher

G.W. Childs Elementary School

"With wonderful photographs and heartwarming stories, this program excited our students and ignited their love for elephants. This presentation allowed for our students to make informed conclusions about the conditions suitable for elephants, without being forceful or preachy."

Carie Kowalsky Szalay

Girls Lower School Teacher, Grade 1
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

"Just wanted to say thanks so much for coming to Germantown Academy yesterday to talk to the students about orangutans, palm oil, and the power students have as consumers to affect their future and their world. Your warm and genuine manner, the beautiful photos, and the video all combined to capture and maintain the students' interest. Their questions following your presentation clearly indicated that they had been listening closely and thinking carefully about the issues you discussed.

Often after an assembly like yours, students leave wondering what they can do…and feeling frustrated by the scale of the problem. Distributing postcards to interested students provided an immediate action they could take, and the slides of the product labels showed clearly how to check for palm oil as an ingredient....


Thanks for another informative assembly, Gigi. You are doing important work really effectively. Because you know your audience, you make a real difference. Please come back again!"


Maggie McVeigh

Assistant Head of Middle School

Germantown Academy

"Ms. Glendenning has been kind enough to come and make two presentations to the Springside Chestnut Hill boys' middle school. In each of her presentations she was clear, engaging and compassionate. Her presentations were perfect for a middle school audience, as they were funny and interesting. She explained the plight of the animals she was discussing, showed pictures of them and then clearly explained the problems they were facing and what people were doing to help. I was really impressed with the way she dealt with some of the difficult issues, like poaching and capturing animals for pets. She didn't shy away from the issues but instead dealt with them in a way that made them clear to the kids without making the details too traumatic. She really did a nice job of presenting very difficult information in a way that didn't dumb it down or gloss over it. After both of her presentations boys in the SCH middle school continued to be interested in the topic. They discussed what they could do to help and held a fundraiser to donate money to orangutans. It was great to see middle school boys inspired to help with an issue far outside their usual world view.


Sarah McDowell
Boys Middle School Teacher, History
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

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